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The Best Anti-Aging Products

There are so many products that claim to be "anti-aging" and so much more. You deserve to know what really works. Here are three holy grails for rejuvenating skin at any age. 

1. Holi (C) - Calcium & Vitamin C Duo by Agent Nateur 

The Holi C contains two potent ingredients: Calcium Ketogluconate and Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate. The product is an unusual application: it comes in a little white glass bottle filled with powder. To activate Holi C, simply add water. A favorite combination to mix together is Holi C, Pollen Mist and Holi Oil. The Holi C tightens skin, diminishes fine lines, and evens skin tone. 

All of these amazing benefits are brought in primarily from the Calcium Ketogluconate, which is a French-patented ingredient and has studies to back and prove its claims. This ingredient is Ecocert & Cosmos approved and suitable for vegans. It's naturally derived, and most excitingly has been proven to improve skin elasticity by 16%+. 

The second ingredient, Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, is Vitamin-C in its stable, water soluble form. The founder of Agent Nateur, Jena Covello, went through a diligent and thoughtful process in sourcing all of her brand's ingredients. This specific Vitamin C that is used in Holi C is non-GMO, and the formula contains 50% of Vit C instead of the typical 1-5% beauty products traditionally use. You can trust that this product is not only really effective, but also made of high-quality ingredients as well. 

Agent Nateur Anti-Aging at

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2. Holi (Oil) - Youth Serum by Agent Nateur

The Holi Oil is a match-made in heaven when paired with Holi C and used together as an everyday regimen. Holi Oil, otherwise known as the Youth Serum, is made of skin-brightening organic oils sourced from small, trustworthy suppliers in Europe. The standards for Holi Oil are incredibly high, and has resulted in a beautiful serum which heals scars, prevents sun damage, hydrates, brightens, rids your skin of wrinkles, and so much more!

Helichrysum plays an important role in Holi Oil, and is one of the main reasons for the many healing benefits this serum brings. Another beautiful ingredient, Bulgarian Rose Damascena is very anti-inflammatory and is one of the most expensive oils to be put in a beauty product. Agent Nateur has created one of the best serum formulas you'll see.

Agent Nateur Youth Serum Anti-Aging

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3. Propolis Regenerative Mask by H is For Love

This mask is your answer to exfoliating, purifying, and renewing your skin all in one. Once a week, use this mask to stimulate cell renewal and absorb pollutants and toxins from your skin. The Propolis Regenerative Mask has a French and Kaolin Clay base, and the founder, Bee, from H is For Love has gone above and beyond to include a few other super-ingredients that are fantastic for your face. 

While this mask may tingle, you will know good things are happening. Camu Camu is included to stimulate production of collagen, spices bring a much needed flow to the surface of your skin, and white turmeric brightens. H is For Love is another trusted brand when it comes to ingredient sourcing. Bee makes everything by hand, and its so clear the great amount of love she puts into her products. 

 H is For Love Mask for Anti-Aging

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    Huge fan of the Holi C! Makes my skin absolutely glow :) Thank you so much and love this post!

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