Cold Sore Killa

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The Cold Sore Killa is best for: killing cold sores. Lemon Balm, Licorice, and Myrrh coalesce to provide your lip-age with some stellar botanical support. These plants have evolved brilliantly over millennia to resist a whole range of pathogenic bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Sun exposure, stress, or other offenses compromise the bod’s ability to keep opportunistic pathogens at bay. 

Size: 0.5 oz 

How to Use

Apply topically on the lips and nose area when you’re feeling those alarming, skin-compromised twinges. Seal over with Balm and Buds Salve for best results. Apply 3-5 times a day. Safe to ingest. For best results, use within 12 months of purchase



High proof spirits*, lemon balm*, licorice root*, myrrh gum resin*


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