Art Deco Marble Diffuser + Luxury Essential Oils

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This high volume cool mist diffuser is made of a beautiful marbled handblown glass. Not only does this make a chic addition to your countertop, but this essential oil diffuser also allows you to enjoy luxury oil blends throughout your home.

These antiviral and antibacterial oil blends are packaged in a cotton bag, and this set makes a perfect gift to a loved one or even yourself. This set comes with three blends: Gypsy Night, Cedar Fever, and Orange Blossom Ylang Ylang. Each blend is made up of organic, luxe, and thoughtful ingredients. 

How to Use

  • Fill up the vessel with water to fill the line. 
  • Add 5-20 drops of pure essential oil or blend and place the cap and marble cover back on. 
  • Press play and enjoy.  

Press Once: Continuous Mist for 3 hours. 
Press Twice: Intermittent mist in 30-second intervals for 5 hours. 
Safety: Diffuser will automatically turn off when the water level is low.

Ingredients in Essential Oils

GYPSY NIGHT: Pure essential oils of Ociminum basilicum oil*, Cymbopogon martini oil*, Ocimum sanctum oil, Rosearinus officinalis oil*, Mentha piperata oil*, Mentha spicata oil*.      
*Certified organic / 20ml 

ORANGE BLOSSOM YLANG BANG: Pure essential oils including Citrus sinensis oil*, Citrus aurantium var. amara oil*, Citrus paradisi oil, Citrus oderata oil*, Cymbopogon flexuosis oil*.
*Certified organic  / 20ml 

CEDAR FEVER: Pure essential oils of Cedrus atlantica oil*, Juniperus virginiana oil, Citrus sinensis oil*, Cupressus sempervirens oil*, Pogostemlin cablin oil*, Elatteria cardamomum oil, Citrus limon oil*.        
*Certified organic/ 20ml