Cacao Turmeric Blend
Cacao Turmeric Blend

Cacao Turmeric Blend

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This chocolatey blend, by Blume, is sure to satisfy cravings and even bring happiness. This blend is great for stress and anxiety, while also providing antioxidants through thoughtful and organic ingredients. 

Vegan, Sugar Free, Caffeine Free, and Organic 

125g = 25-35 servings

How To Use

Mix one flat tsp of Blume with a splash of hot water. Heat 1.5 cups of mylk. Add Blume and water mixture to mylk and serve with a little maple syrup or sweetener. Can be served cold as well!

Tip: Also add to smoothies or oatmeal!


Organic cacao, organic turmeric, organic cinnamon, organic ginger, organic nutmeg, organic black pepper, and organic ashwagandha.

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