Elderberry Boost Immune Tonic

Elderberry Boost Immune Tonic

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Welcome to Elderberry Boost: A full-bodied blend to build & maintain a resilient, adaptive immune system.

Immunity is complex & beautiful, a dance between our bodies & the outer world. This blend supports the many pathways through which immunity protects us; a potent mix of circulatory stimulants* and aromatics complete this powerful tonic. As a stress-busting blend, Elderberry Boost Immune Tonic will help your system…

  • Build & maintain a resilient, adaptive immune system.
  • Balance your stress response, thereby supporting your overall well-being.
  • Stimulate lymphatic & circulatory flow, which supports the immune response.


How to Use: 4 Brewing Methods

1. French Press: 10-15+ minute brew time. Most presses keep it plenty hot, but if you enjoy extra-hot beverages, you can cover your French press with a dish towel to keep the heat in. 

2. Percolator: All percolators are different, but generally they’ll switch to the warming setting when brewing’s done!

3. Moka Pot: (aka stovetop espresso/Cuban coffee): Use 1 tbsp per shot/latte (don't pack the bottom full!)

4. Espresso Machine: Put 1 tbsp Rasa in portafilter, do not tamp, & pull a double-double. Yes, two double shots. All machines are a bit different—you may need to experiment to find the best way for your machine!



Elderberry fruit 10:1 extract - 650 mg
Echinacea purpurea herb 10:1 extract - 200 mg
Turkey tail fruiting body 8:1 extract - 125 mg

Roasted chicory root*, burdock root*, shatavari root*, roasted dandelion root*, he shou wu root (cured)*, codonopsis root*, ginger rhizome*, eleuthero root*, astragalus root, cinnamon bark*, cardamom seed*, ashwagandha root*, rhodiola root*, chaga mycelium*, reishi fruiting body extract*, calendula petals*, <1% maltodextrin
* Organic

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