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Goji & Green Tea Overnight Oil

Brand: Selia and Co.

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This overnight facial oil will leave your skin refreshed, glowing, and so very happy! Prior to bottling, Selia & Co. spends 4-6 weeks infusing and creating this oil. Apricot oil is infused with fair-trade green tea, which is known to even out skin tones and protect from free radicals. Goji berries are also a highlight, and are most commonly known as a superfood, but can bring Vitamin C to the skin for support. 


How to: After cleansing and before bed, apply several drops to skin on face and neck, but avoid the eye area. During dry season, increase amount to keep skin feeling fresh and moisturized.  


What's in me?

Ingredients: Apricot oil (infused with fair trade green tea)*, goji berry oil, squalene*, rosehip CO2*, Non-GMO vitamin E*
* Organic ingredient

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