Pollen Illuminating Mist

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By H is for Love, the Pollen Illuminating Mist is created to restore your skin to its ideal and natural pH. After being exposed to the alkalinity of tap water, it is very important to consider the effects this has on the skin. This mist will bring balance back to your face through a handcrafted blend of organic essential oils, rose hydrosol, and witch hazel. Consider this a next-step-up from your everyday rose spray! POLLEN is also an excellent way to prepare your eyelashes before applying mascara and can be used as a final step to set your makeup for the day.

Size: 3.38 oz | 100 ml 


How to Use

Gently rotate bottle, then mist onto freshly cleansed face and neck. For an added boost, spray face again after applying face oil. Use to set makeup and use as often as desired.



Rose hydrosol*, 100% fractionally distilled aloe vera, Witch Hazel*^, Colloidal silver, Vegetable Glycerine* Essential Oils Of Bergamot FCF*^, Ylang Ylang*, Geranium*

*Organic ingredient

^Contains organic alcohol